Adapter ESATTO 2" for Borg 55FL f3.6

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Adapter ESATTO 2" for Borg 55FL f3.6

This adapter allows you so use the ESATTO 2" robotic microfocuser with the Borg 55mm fluorite lens and 7880 reducer to create the Borg 55FL f3.6 astrograph. This set is composed by 5 rings and adapters and, in order to complete the Borg 55FL f3.6 astrograph, you have to add the Borg 2555 55FL lens, Borg 7880 0,8x reducer for 55FL and Borg 7352 rotator.

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This set includes:

  1. front dew shield ring
  2. adapter (red) to connect Borg 55FL lens (Borg code 2555) to dew shield
  3. main tube
  4. adapter to connect ESATTO 2" to the main tube
  5. adapter to connect Borg rotator (Borg code 7352) to the ESATTO 2" focuser

The Borg reducer (7880) has to be connected after the rotator. In the picture below you can see how to connect the Borg 55FL lens. PLUS 80mm support rings are not included with this kit.

Adapter ESATTO 2 for Borg 55FL f3.6

If you own the Borg 55FL f3.6 with another focuser and you want to replace it with the ESATTO 2", you have to order this entire kit since, in order to use ESATTO 2", the tube length and adapters are different.

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