SPIDER 300A MarkII advanced radio...

SPIDER 300A MarkII advanced radio telescope


SPIDER 300A MarkII is the most advanced 3 meter diameter radio telescope for 1420 MHz radio astronomy designed to let schools, universities, scientific museums and other educational institutes own a powerful and affordable instrument! Designed with advanced features usually found only in large professional radio telescopes, and by including all you need to make radio astronomy, SPIDER 300A MarkII is reliable, easy to install and use.

Thanks to the new generation electronics and improved mechanics, SPIDER 300A MarkII is more sensitive, faster and more precise, thus allowing anyone to do real radio astronomy without the need to be a radio astronomer!

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SPIDER 300A MarkII 3.0 meter diameter advanced radio telescope - main features:

  • SPIDER 300A MarkII advanced radio telescope: powerful but affordable, it’s specifically designed for 1420 MHz radio astronomy.
  • WEB300-5 3 meter diameter prime focus antenna with special designed front and rear supports: it comes with 1420 MHz optimised feed and 2 LNAs for LHCP and RHCP circular polarisation.
  • GS-100II weatherproof alt-az antenna tracking system with N-ACU Next generation Antenna Control Unit: connected to Control Room with a standard network cable up to 100 meters long, thanks to the optional MoF (Mount-over-Fiber) kit, you can position the antenna even further by replacing the network cable with a dedicated optical fiber that can be up to 2km long.
  • C106-HEAVY high load capacity pier for concrete base: designed to keep the radio telescope permanently installed in the field.
    High antenna slewing speed, now up to 2°/sec for each axis, that improves data acquisition time during radio telescope use and integrated safety system with emergency stop button (optional light and audio signals).
  • Industrial-Grade temperature working range: SPIDER 300A MarkII antenna and tracking system is able to work in environments with temperatures from -25°C to +55°C
  • H142-PRO 1420 MHz radio astronomy receiver, 50 MHz instantaneous bandwidth radiometer and 1024 channels spectrometer to be installed in the control room on a standard 19″ rack or on a table.
  • RadioUniversePRO control and acquisition software for Windows 10/11, designed to control all devices of SPIDER radio telescope and to collect radio astronomy data.



SPIDER 300A MarkII 3.0 meter diameter advanced radio telescope

SPIDER 300A MarkII advanced radio telescope includes everything you need to make radio astronomy at 1420 MHz frequency. In this video you can see the various elements that make up the radio telescope: antenna, tracking system and pier which are installed outside; receiver and software that are installed in the control room.






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