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DUAL-COMPACT optical Observatory Station with dome


DUAL-COMPACT is the Observatory Station with dome and dual telescope designed by PrimaLuceLab to provide an affordable solution for remote space exploration and astronomy education. It's composed by an Alt-Az mount installed on heavy pier, supporting 2 optical telescopes in parallel and with ESATTO focusers, one with short focal length and one with long focal length. Every telescope comes with a special camera to provide a wide and a narrow FoV. Telescope is remotely controlled and powered with the EAGLE and it's provided with fully opening dome that allows the telescope fast movement tracking also objects in Earth orbit. If you’re interested for your research activity, our design team is able to personalize the DUAL-COMPACT Observatory Station based on your needs.

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Thanks to all the technologies developed by PrimaLuceLab for remote control and power of optical telescopes, we are able to create the most affordable Observatory Stations to be used both as astronomical observatories for astronomy research and astrophotography or as optical ground stations for Space Situational Awareness activities and remote imaging of satellites. We are able to customize the telescopes and cameras according to your application and budget, contact us for a personalized quote.





DUAL-COMPACT optical Observatory Station with dome - main features:

- Dual telescope: one with long focal length and one with short focal length
- High load capacity ESATTO robotic focusers
- Two cameras: USB 3 planetary camera for long focal length telescope, cooled camera for short focal length telescope
- Alt-Az mount with pier for concrete base
- ARCO rotator to provide automatic field de-rotation
- EAGLE control unit to remotely control and power all the devices
- Fully opening dome




DUAL-COMPACT optical Observatory Station with dome



By using 2 telescopes in parallel with different focal length and different cameras, the DUAL-COMPACT optical Observatory Station provides 2 different one wide field of view and a narrower one with higher image resolution. Both telescopes are provide with ESATTO robotic focusers and the short focal length one is provided also with ARCO rotator for automatic field de-rotation.



DUAL-COMPACT optical Observatory Station with dome

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