Observatory Stations

Making remote space exploration affordable with turn-key
PLL Observatory Stations.

PLL Observatory Stations are complete systems composed by computerised telescopes, cameras, imaging accessories and domes designed to be automated and remotely controlled. PLL Observatory Stations are designed for several applications: Remote Satellite Imaging, Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST), Laser Communication, Scientific research & education, Astrophotography, Solar Activity Monitoring, Photometry, Spectroscopy and more.

Advanced Features of PLL Observatory Stations:

Design and Technology: PLL Observatory Stations are designed with precision engineering to operate also under difficult  environmental conditions, ensuring the right protection for high-value equipment. Featuring advanced mechanics and remote control technology, PLL Observatory Stations are provided with robust domes, providing resilience against harsh climates, including high/low temperatures and high wind speeds. Our domes can be equipped also with automated safety features for emergency response to power loss or bad weather events.

Innovation: we integrate into our PLL Observatory Stations our state-of-the-art technology, including EAGLE control computer, ESATTO and SESTO SENSO focusing solutions, ECCO environmental module, GIOTTO flat field generator and ALTO telescope cover motor, everything remotely controlled through our PLAY software. And you're free to add third party Windows software and third party devices through the ASCOM platform, so you can independently personalise your PLL Observatory Station based on your particular application.

Turn-Key Solutions: PrimaLuceLab offers complete turn-key solutions, from initial design and manufacturing to installation and user training. Each PLL Observatory Stations is fully assembled and tested in our headquarters in Italy before shipping. Our comprehensive service includes consultation, planning, worldwide whipping, installation service and integration of all necessary components, such as telescopes, sensors, and communication equipment.


Construction stages of PLL Observatory Stations


PLL Observatory Stations are designed to cater to a wide range of astronomical and space applications and are available in various models to suit different needs and budgets. They can accommodate various telescope dimensions, specifications and configurations, whether you need a compact setup for a single telescope or a larger structure for multiple instruments, based on the application you want to accomplish. We also understand that budget constraints may be a critical factor in the planning and implementation of your instrumentation. Our offerings are designed to provide flexibility, allowing you to select a model that fits within your financial parameters while still meeting your performance and operational goals. We work closely with you to ensure that the chosen solution provides the best value without compromising on quality and functionality. By offering a range of customisable options, PrimaLuceLab ensures that our PLL Observatory Stations meet the diverse needs of astronomers, researchers, institutions and businesses. Our goal is to provide a solution that is perfectly aligned with your goals, technical requirements, and budgetary constraints.


Comparison of PLL Observatory Stations specifications


Ready to take your astronomical research and remote space exploration to the next level? Choose the perfect PLL Observatory Station that meets your specific needs and budget from our diverse range of models. Whether you need a compact setup for educational purposes or a professional solution for advanced research, we have the ideal configuration for you. Explore our models now and discover how our cutting-edge technology can enhance your observations.

Observatory Stations

DUAL-COMPACT Observatory Station with 3m dome

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DUAL-COMPACT is the Observatory Station with dome and dual telescope designed by PrimaLuceLab to provide an affordable solution for remote space exploration and astronomy education. It’s composed by an Alt-Az mount installed on a heavy pier, supporting 2 optical telescopes in parallel, one with a short focal length and one with a long focal length, with...
Observatory Stations

ASTRO-RES Observatory station with 3m dome

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ASTRO-RES Observatory station is the complete astronomical observatory designed for astronomy research and education: thanks to our long experience with optical telescopes, we can support astronomy institutes all around the world. ASTRO-RES Observatory Station is remotely controlled and powered thanks to the EAGLE, and it comes with ESATTO focuser, ARCO...
DUAL-PRO Observatory...
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Observatory Stations

DUAL-PRO Observatory Station with 3m dome

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DUAL-PRO is the Observatory Station with dome and dual telescope designed by PrimaLuceLab to provide a professional level but compact solution that can be used for many applications: remote space exploration, space situational awareness, astrophotography and astronomy education/outreach. DUAL-PRO includes a very high precision and load capacity alt-az...
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BINO-SSA is a turn-key and affordable Observatory Station with dual optical telescope that provide a large field of view for Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) activities like the study of space debris and its classification. In fact a modern use of optical telescopes is to create a network of optical systems with...