BINO-SSA Observatory Station with...

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BINO-SSA Observatory Station with large FoV and dome


BINO-SSA is a turn-key and affordable Observatory Station with dual optical telescope that provide a large field of view for Space Situational Awareness (SSA) and Space Surveillance and Tracking (SST) activities like the study of space debris and its classification. Thanks to its particular design, BINO-SSA (that includes 2 telescopes with cameras providing a 4° x 2.3° field of view - customizable) can be used for astronomy applications too. The telescope is provided with high slew speed and precision computerised mount, equatorial pier, EAGLE for control/power, ESATTO robotic focusers and a fully opening dome by offering the best solution for tracking satellites, space debris or quick sky surveys. If you’re interested in this type of solution for your research activity, our design team is able to personalize a solution based on your needs.

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A modern use of optical telescopes is to create a network of optical systems with large field of view for surveying and tracking space debris population. This Observatory Station is optimized for GEO and MEO survey operations and the imaging train, composed of cameras and filter wheels with filters  for different bands, are able to study potential different object’s albedos.







BINO-SSA optical Observatory Station with large FoV and dome - main features:

- Dual telescope with fast optics and large corrected field of view
- Large aperture and high load capacity ESATTO robotic focusers
- Dual cooled camera
- Dual motorized filter wheel with filters
- Fast slewing mount with high precision and load capacity
- Equatorial pier
- EAGLE control unit to remotely control and power all the devices
- Off axis clamp allows to regulate the field of view of the secondary telescope with 2 positions: parallel and offset
- Fully opening dome




BINO-SSA optical Observatory Station with large FoV and dome



The 4° x 2.3° field of view is customisable and it is obtained with a special clamp allowing the installation of a secondary telescope with an offset in respect to the primary, creating a configuration that is optimized for broad sky coverage. The special clamp also allows the installation of the 2 systems in parallel: this way making it possible to increase the signal to noise ratio when using narrowband filters.



BINO-SSA optical Observatory Station with large FoV and dome

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