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ASTRO-RES optical Observatory station...

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ASTRO-RES optical Observatory station with dome


ASTRO-RES Observatory station is the complete astronomical observatory remotely controlled and power with EAGLE, ESATTO focuser, ARCO rotator and ECCO module. Thanks to all the most innovative technologies developed by PrimaLuceLab, we're able to design, integrate and deliver turn-key and affordable astronomical observatories allowing you to select Optical Tube Assembly, mount and camera you prefer! If you’re interested in this type of solution for your research activity, our design team is able to personalize a solution based on your needs.

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Thanks to our long experience with optical telescopes we support astronomy research institutes all around the world. By integrating our most advanced instruments like EAGLE remote control and power unit, ESATTO robotic focuser, ARCO robotic rotator, ECCO environmental controller and more we're able to create the turn-key and affordable complete astronomical observatory you're searching for research or astrophotography. Our team is able to design a personalized solution based on your specifications and support you in the shipment, construction and on-site training of your instrument.  



ASTRO-RES optical Observatory Station with dome - main features:

- Complete optical telescope with dome for astronomy research or astrophotography
- Choose the OTA you prefer: Ritchey-Chretiens, Dall-Kirkhams, Newtons, refractors, Aplanatic Schmidt-Cassegrains, etc.
- Choose the mount you prefer: equatorial, Alt-Az, based on the weight of the supported OTA and accessories
- Choose the camera and filter wheel you prefer: cooled, CCD, CMOS, etc.
- Remotely controlled and powered with EAGLE control unit
- It comes with ESATTO robotic focuser
- Provided with ARCO robotic rotator
ECCO environmental controller
- Every telescope can be personalized based on application
- Worldwide shipping Service
- Installation and Training Service




ASTRO-RES optical Observatory station with dome

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