95mm PLUS support rings

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95mm PLUS support rings


The support rings PLUS 95mm can be used with different brands telescopes with tube approximately 95mm in diameter. With this rings you can install both above and below the optical tube our PLUS plates or even guide rings. Compatible with telescopes by various brands, such as: Takahashi FSQ85, Takahashi FS-78, Takahashi FC-100DF and DL. Like all the other elements of the PLUS series, these rings are made with high mechanical precision (built with CNC machines from aluminum block) and specially designed to enable you to easily install other mechanical elements such as plates, guide rings or dovetail clamps. Weight: 0.6 kg.


The 95mm PLUS support rings can be used with different brands telescopes with 95mm in diameter optical tube.

Compatible with telescopes by various brands, such as: Takahashi FSQ85, Takahashi FS-78, Takahashi FC-100DF and DL.


95mm PLUS support rings


The 95mm PLUS support rings are part of our system PLUS (Prima Luce Universal System) which includes a large variety of support rings, plates, guide rings and dovetail clamps to offer you the maximum freedom to build your mechanical system of support, depending on the application that you want to achieve. Indeed, all the PLUS elements have threaded holes, holes and slots suitable for connecting elements, always with maximum rigidity and comfort.

For this application, we designed many elements, including the 95mm PLUS support rings. Each component of the PLUS system is made of aluminum blocks that are high precision CNC machined. The aluminum is then sandblasted to achieve a very smooth surface finish and is anodized (hard anodizing) to increase the hardness of the material and protect it from oxidation.


Thanks to the particular design, the 95mm PLUS support rings are equipped with holes (above and below each ring) to permit the attachment of:

  1. Vixen or Losmandy plates below the rings to install the telescope on any mount
  2. PLUS guide rings (each ring can be fixed on the support ring with 2 screws)
  3. Vixen or Losmandy plates above the rings to increase the rigidity of the mechanical system and enable to install other accessories, such as dovetail clamps with guide rings to precisely adjust the position of the guide telescope.

If you have other brands mechanical accessories, you can still use all the elements of the PLUS system. Indeed we have provided a series of central slots that allow, for example, to fix on these support rings plate or guide rings through a screw.


95mm PLUS support rings


2 Reviews

Ottimi anelli
Li uso sul Takahashi Fsq85... Davvero ottimi e belli! Danno una bella sensazione di stabilità e solidita! Consigliatiii!

great rings for my Takahashi FSQ-85
I have been using the Takahashi clamshell for my FSQ so far, but have been looking around for mounting rings as this makes it easier to connect the guider and other equipment.

These are very well built and I also like the coloring. I have mounted the rings on a 350mm Losmandy type PLUS dovetail, as the FSQ with imaging equipment is quite back-heavy and this way i can still balance the scope without issues.
Do get the 10mm spacers so you can mount the dovetail, else the focuser and the dew shield will be in the way.

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