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Big dovetail clamp Vixen+Losmandy PLUS for AZ-EQ5


The big dovetail clamp Vixen+Losmandy PLUS for AZ-EQ5 allow to install on the Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 mount telescopes with Vixen and Losmandy type dovetail bars. It includes both the big dovetail clamp Vixen+Losmandy PLUS and the adapter for the AZ-EQ5 type mount.

Thus you will have a better connection than the original AZ-EQ5 offering greater stability and more comfortable and large knobs for a secure closure of the telescope.


Composed of


The Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 mount has only a Vixen type dovetail clamp, but thanks to our Losmandy and Vixen dovetail clamp, the user will be able to use both of them. Now you will no longer need to replace the plate of your optical tube, so your AZ-EQ5 will be universal like the most expensive and higher mounts!

Our dovetail clamp, therefore suitable to medium loads, it's made from a full aluminum block T6061 and red anodized to resist weathering. The installation on the Skywatcher AZ-EQ5 is done by replacing the original upper flange with a new flange (supplied with the dovetail clamp) that enables the installation both of the Vixen or Losmandy type dovetail bars. The operation is very simple, just remove the original flange, acting on three small threaded dowels and enter our flange.


Big dovetail clamp Vixen+Losmandy PLUS for AZ-EQ5



Losmandy® is registered trademark of Hollywood General Machining, Inc.


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