Dew heater for 250mm diameter telescopes

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Dew heater for 250mm diameter telescopes


The dew heater is placed on the optical tube to prevent optics dewing. A very common problem especially in winter and in sealed optical tubes, such as refractors or Schmidt-Cassegrain. These dew heaters, 12 V powered, heat the telescope preventing the formation of condensation on the optics.

This dew heater for 250mm diameter telescopes can be easily installed thanks to Velcro which ensures a strong and uniform fixing. Thanks to elastic fix, it can be installed on tubes from 250mm to 300mm diameter.


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This dew heater is designed to be powered and controlled directly from the EAGLE but it can also be connected to any 12V external power source with RCA connector. Power consumption is 630mA.



Dew heater for 250mm diameter telescopes

Example of dew heater connected to one of the EAGLE power ports.

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