12,8V AC adapter for EAGLE  - 14A

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12,8V AC adapter for EAGLE - 14A


If you want to power EAGLE (that can power all other connected devices) and use it from a fixed station such as an observatory, you can connect it to an AC adapter power supply. This 12,8V 14A power supply (compatible with 100 to 240V) comes a 2,5 meters extension cable and EU (Schuko), UK and USA plugs. When used with the included extension, the power unit cable is 5 meters long.

The 14A version has a slightly higher voltage (12.8V instead of the standard 12V) because when you power from the EAGLE many accessories with high power consumption, you can see a small tension drop that, this way, will always be just above 12V.


We do not ship PrimaLuceLab products to USA, you can order to one of our USA dealers.


Let's see an example, considering maximum power consumption for every element connected and powered to the EAGLE:

  • EAGLE: maximum power consumption 1A (average power consumption: 0.6A)
  • Cooled camera: maximum power consumption 4A (average power consumption: 3A)
  • SkyWatcher AZ-EQ6 SynScan mount: maximum power consumption 3A (average power consumption: 1A)
  • Guide camera QHY5L-II mono: power consumption 0 (powered from EAGLE USB port)
  • Dew heater: power consumption 1A (powered from EAGLE dew heater port)

Total maximum power consumption: 9A. For this system we suggest you the 14A power adapter.



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