Portable telescopes

Our portable telescopes are complete instruments but compact and lightweight so you can easily transport these astrophotography setups also in remote locations. These telescopes are turn-key solutions including OTA, mount, control computer, motorized focuser, flat field generator and other devices. This way you can make astrophotography with lighter and easier to transport telescopes.

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SkyWatcher EVOLUX 82 ED...
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Portable telescopes

SkyWatcher EVOLUX 82 ED portable telescope with AZ-EQ5 and EAGLE

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SkyWatcher EVOLUX 82 ED with AZ-EQ5 and EAGLE is a powerful but still portable telescope for deep-sky astrophotography that can be used in equatorial or in alt-azimuth mode: it comes with EAGLE for remote control and power, SESTO SENSO 2 robotic focusing motor, ARCO camera rotator and field de-rotator, GIOTTO smart flat field generator and ALTO telescope...