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Adapter ESATTO 2" for SkyWatcher/Orion Newton 250 f4 and f5


If you are searching for the most precise motorized focuser to use the SkyWatcher/Orion Newton 250 f4 and f5 reflector for astrophotography, this adapter allows you to connect ESATTO 2" to this telescope. With this adapter the focuser thickness is the same of the original focuser (excluded camera adapter or visual back for ESATTO) in order to allow you easily reach prime focus. More, this adapter has the holes for tube installation that correspond to the original ones so it is not necessary to make new holes on the optical tubes. This adapter has screws for adjusting focuser's orthogonality with respect to the optical axis of the telescope in order to perfectly adjust ESATTO to your telescope.


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Adapter ESATTO 2

ESATTO 2" focuser installed on SkyWatcher Newton 250mm telescope instead of the original focuser.

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