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Adapter ESATTO 3,5” LP for OfficinaStellare Veloce RH200


The adapter ESATTO 3,5” LP for OfficinaStellare Veloce RH200 allows you to install ESATTO 3,5" LP focuser to Veloce RH200 telescopes by Officina Stellare. Optical thickness of this adapter is 9mm. 


Since RH200 optimal backfocus is 105mm from the rear tip-tilt plate, by connecting this adapter (9mm thickness), the ESATTO 3,5" LP (32mm thickness) and one of the many available camera adapters for ESATTO 3,5" LP (4mm thickness), and adding 5mm as half of focuser's draw tube travel, you will still have 55mm of available backfocus to fit many cameras, even with OAG and motorized filter wheel.

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