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MULTI-WL Observatory Station with...

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MULTI-WL Observatory Station with optical and radio telescope


MULTI-WL is the Observatory Station that includes an optical telescope with dome and a radio telescope so you can remotely explore the multi wavelength Universe. Earth's atmosphere acts as a filter blocking most electromagnetic radiation except optical and radio windows: MULTI-WL is specifically designed to provide you the telescopes needed for optical and radio astronomy research or for remote satellite imaging, Space Situational Awareness (SSA), Satellite Communication, and more.

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PrimaLuceLab is the first company in the world to develop affordable Optical and Radio telescopes, opening new possibilities in multi-wavelegth remote Space exploration. The optical telescope can be personalized by choosing among many available optical tube assembly, mounts, domes and cameras and it's remotely controlled and powered thanks to EAGLE control unit, ESATTO robotic focuser, ARCO robotic rotator and ECCO environmental module. The radio telescope can be personalized based on application: radio astronomy or satellite application (please refer to our dedicated www.radio2space.com website).



MULTI-WL Observatory Station with optical and radio telescope - main features:

- Complete optical telescope with dome for astronomy research or Space Situational Awareness activities
- Turn-key radio telescope for radio astronomy or satellite communication
- Every telescope can be personalized based on application
- Worldwide shipping Service
- Installation and Training Service




MULTI-WL Observatory Station with optical and radio telescope

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