Apochromatic refractors

Apochromatic (APO) refractor telescopes, available with equatorial mounts, uses special lenses that offers the best chromatic aberration correction and the highest contrast. Apochromatic refractors are great telescopes for deep-sky astrophotography but can be used with great performances to observe planets, Moon, Sun (with the proper Sun filter) and double stars.

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SkyWatcher EVOSTAR 100 ED...
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SkyWatcher EVOSTAR 100 ED with AZ-EQ5 and EAGLE CORE is the compact 100mm diameter computerized refractor telescope that is perfect if you want to make long exposure astrophotography with DSLR or mirrorless camera! Thanks to the EAGLE CORE and SESTO SENSO 2, you can remotely control this telescope with WiFi, by using your smartphone, tables or computer.
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SkyWatcher EVOSTAR 120 ED with EQ6-R and EAGLE is the powerful 120mm diameter apochromatic refractor telescope, with computerized equatorial mount and EAGLE that allows you to power, remotely control and install any camera or astrophotography accessory! This telescope combines good portability with optical power, mechanical precision and ease of use.