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QHYCCD QHY533M mono camera

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QHYCCD QHY533M mono camera

The QHY533M mono is a new generation of back-illuminated CMOS cameras with 3.76um pixels, 3003x3003 resolution, 11.3mm sensor side (diagonal 15.9mm). The QHY533M uses the similar series of sensors as the flagship models QHY600 and QHY268, featuring low noise and it comes with an active dual stage TEC cooling, allowing to cool down the sensor up to 35 degrees below ambient at exposure times > 1 second. With the advantage of low readout noise and high-speed readout, CMOS technology has revolutionized astronomical imaging.

QHY 533M: back-illuminated sensor

One benefit of the back-illuminated CMOS structure is improved full well capacity. This is particularly helpful for sensors with small pixels. In the back-illuminated sensor the embedded wiring structure is below the photosensitive layer and, as a result, more incoming photons strike the photosensitive layer and more electrons are generated and captured. This ratio of photon to electron production is called quantum efficiency. The higher the quantum efficiency the more efficient the sensor is at converting photons to electrons and hence the more sensitive the sensor is to capturing an image of something dim.



QHY 533M: true RAW data.

In the DSLR implementation there is a RAW image output, but typically it is not completely RAW. Some evidence of noise reduction and hot pixel removal is still visible on close inspection. This can have a negative effect on the image for astronomy such as the “star eater” effect.  However, QHYCCD cameras offer true RAW image output and produces an image comprised of the original signal only, thereby maintaining the maximum flexibility for post-acquisition astronomical image processing programs and other scientific imaging applications.


QHYCCD QHY533M mono camera


QHY 533M: anti-dew technology

Based on almost 20-year cooled camera design experience, QHYCCD cooled camera has implemented the fully dew control solutions. The optic window has built-in dew heater and the chamber is protected from internal humidity condensation. An electric heating board for the chamber window can prevent the formation of dew.



QHYCCD QHY533M mono camera



QHY 533M: cooling

In addition to dual stage thermoelectric cooling system that allows to cool down the sensor up to 35 degrees below ambient at exposure times > 1 second, QHYCCD implements proprietary technology in hardware to control the dark current noise.



QHYCCD QHY533M mono camera: scope of delivery

- QHYCCD QHY533M mono camera

- Extensions

- USB 3.0 cable

- 12V power unit



 QHYCCD cooled CMOS cameras comparison

In this table we have summarized main features of QHYCCD's cooled CMOS cameras to allow you to easily compare and choose the best one based on your telescope.

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